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Personalized expertise tailor-made for your current circumstances

The trusted advisors you need, on-demand

LCG provides the trusted advisors you need at the moment you need them

In the weeks and months following a Workfront deployment, your front-line workers and internal owners should have a place to ask questions in real-time. As the operational system impacts how business is done, it’s important to ensure Workfront users are enabled to use the tool consistently and correctly. Your users and system administrators don’t have time to wait a week for an answer. Devote your team's effort to doing things right the first time.

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We typically offer managed services in two ways:

Tier I Support: Clients typically engage our Tier I support to outsource functions and the management of technologies that they don’t have staff to operate.

Example: LCG manages your operational system of record and produces on-demand reporting to distribute to your clients and board.

Tier II Support: Clients typically engage our Tier II support when they want our staff to support their financial practitioners.

Example: LCG is on-call to support and guide your project managers, platform administrators, and super-users as they implement best practices and optimize the operational system of record.

Benefits of Managed Services

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  • Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills
  • Rapid on-boarding of certified and knowledge subject matter experts who are accustomed to jumping into client projects
  • Accommodate staff shortages due to unexpected events
  • Avoidance of hiring / de-hiring costs within your organization and avoidance of following typical hiring timelines, associated with requisitioning new hires.
  • Costs and Services are scalable to demand
  • Ability to sustain business continuity
  • More easily contracted relative to on-boarding a FTE
  • Quicker time to value relative to other staffing models
  • Transparent costing model. LCG provides access to Workfront so that our customers can see how every resource is using their reported hours.
  • Knowledge of your unique environment is preserved at our institution. Our career consultants can be readily accessed long after the project is over.
  • Book of hours comes with a lower average hourly cost compared to ad-hoc rates